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The new Elysian 4.x drop list army tactics and limitations

 Post subject: The new Elysian 4.x drop list army tactics and limitations
PostPosted: Mon Oct 05, 2020 12:41 am 
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I have noted from play testing against myself that the New Elysians, which I have been developing along side my fan list "Paramar air cav drop regiment" - now completed, that the Elysian 4.x list (that is still in development) seems to be very limited in what tactics you can employ. This has been done purposely, as drop regiments are not supposed to be guard line regiments or seige regiments.

It is basically have a few formations like vultures, Grey Ghosts (or a renamed version for the new Elysian list), and maybe taurus, a mortar company set up in the rear or on garrison, and the bulk of the army held in reserves for dropping in on the turn that the Space ship arrives. The Storm Troopers can be left to teleport in later on when you need a formaton to deny or take that objective theat will either let you win, or stop you from losing the game.

You drop in the mass Drop companies, which can be tailored to either engagement, or support/objective holding, backed up by the drop sentinels and drop support sentinels, and try to overwhelm the defending forces, who have likely gone on overwatch, and who will shoot once you engage them, and hopefully gan the upper hand or atleast a foothld on important objectives, or to kill off enemy fomations like artillery, or their BTS.

If you win the combat, then you need to find cover quickly and hunker down near the objectives, and await any enemy counter attack. or drop in from enemy thunderhawks,, or attacks from enemy artillery - providing you have not taken them out in your surgical strike by the space ship or you assault ito their rear area.

You have short ranged weaponry (range 30cm plasma guns/cannons), I partly fixed this by adding in the spotter upgrade, but I think having an objective holding drop company with sabres and a spotter is a good idea, as you then can use the spotter to shoot at enemy longer than 30cm away, and have some inbuilt ground based AA (even if it is only range 30cm).

The Grey Ghosts can hold their own for a short while (provided the enemy does not pound on them with MW artillery or IC artillery). They rely on their +1 to cover save and their First Strike attack in engagements to reduce the effiency of the enemy onslaught.

The mortar company seems to be the dedicated rear echelon holding company providing an inbuilt ranged support. They can not stand up to enemy attacks or artilley counter fire. I have also limited their use 1 per 3000 points. This is so the army is forced to drop in and strike rather than try and hold onto their own objectives enmasse.

I like the fact that the drop troops do not need to unload from transports when they drop in. You can shoot the enemy with one formation to put a few BM on them, and remove a unit or 2. Then you can use the company commanders "Commander" ability to order 3 formations to engage the defending enemy, reducing the effect of damage from overwatch fire.

Strike hard, and hope you can hold on long enough for the regular army forces to arrive - usually turn 3 to 5.

I hate fighting Titans and Gargants armies still. Even Mobile armies like Eldar, Tau, Dark Eldar, and opposing drop/planetfall armies are hard to deal with, as many of them have longer ranged weapons, or can counter this armies tactics. I find it more Rock/Paper/Scissors, and hope you roll well, and the opposing enemy general can not manouver well enough in time.

That being said I think the new Elysian 4.x list is a major improvement on the old teleport spamming elysian 3.x army list. It is I think ready for tournaments, and testing for approval, but we will have to see what other gamers think of the current list.

6mm wargaming is just like 25mm wargaming with more units fitting on the same size table. Thus bigger games to get lost in and avoid the hassles of everyday living, and offerings for the dice gods.

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