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Clarification of Knight shield rules.
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Author:  Deb [ Sun Oct 28, 2018 6:44 am ]
Post subject:  Clarification of Knight shield rules.

I can not be bothered trying to make a major search of the files to locate a topic where this is discussed. I tried to find one, but 5 minutes is long enough for a search, as far as I am concerned, so I know others will have the relevant knowledge somewhere.

Those who own or often face off against Knights and their knight shields. I am considering using knights, or Titans either as an army, or as part of the 1/3 allies part of an army I am building for a tournament. Titans I am more than knowledgeable about. The Knight shield I am a little fuzzy on. I have faced off against different people who use them, and had different interpretations of the rule amongst from those opponents. The specific knight shield rule is below:

Knight Shield:
Units with a Knight Shield may make a saving throw on a 4+ when
they are hit instead of using their armour value. No modifiers ever apply to this saving
throw and it is unaffected by macro-weapon, lance and titan killer hits. However, each
point of damage from a titan killer hit must be saved separately. If the unit has
reinforced armour as well then it is allowed to re-roll a failed save using its armour
value unless the hit was a macro-weapon, lance or titan killer. Finally, none of these
benefits apply to units in a crossfire or to hits from supporting fire.

Now here is the main thing that I am not sure of. If I face enemy support fire (FF in an engagement after the main attack - either CC or FF has been made), or if receive attacks from any or all attacks during the shooting phase (which involves crossfire) - Do I lose the 4+ shield save?

Can I still take my normal 5+ reinforced armour save (which Lance and MW will stop me from taking the re-roll, and TK will ignore)? And yes I also understand the crossfire will reduce my armour save rolls by 1 as well.

I am under the belief that the 4+ unmodifiable save is cancelled out completely by attacks from supporting fire, and any shooting that involves crossfire (even if the formation/units involved in the crossfire can not actually cause any damage to the knight).

Is this correct?

Author:  NoisyAssassin [ Sun Oct 28, 2018 3:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Clarification of Knight shield rules.

Your interpretation is correct. If you're in a crossfire or being targeted by supporting fire just pretend like the knight shield rule doesn't exist for the duration.

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