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3k Adeptus Ministorum list, help needed

 Post subject: 3k Adeptus Ministorum list, help needed
PostPosted: Wed Oct 26, 2011 2:09 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother
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Hey folks I have a game with my Sisters of Battle tonight and have been thinking of tweaking my list.

Problem is, creating a BTS that
A) isn't fragile
B) can actually take part in the battle
C) fits within army restictions

At the moment I'm stuck between 3 choices.

This army:
Retributor Convent + Heroine + Supreme Commander + 3 Rhinos
Soroitas Convent + Heroine + 2 Imolators(Justice) + Dominions + 4 Rhinos
Repentia Confessional + 3 Rhinos + Immolator(standard)
Exorcism Battalion + Hunter
Seraphim Convent + Heroine
Seraphim Convent
Penitents Choir
Militia Scout Squadron
Militia Scout Squadron

Plus a BTS of either:
Fraternis Militia + Priest + Transport + Russ + Flak
Warhounds Pack(BTS) & Lightnings

I'm leaning towards the first one for sheer durability & flak but the extra firepower of the other options is tempting. I love using the Reaver but it leaves me with just a hunter for AA. The game is against Steel Legion, so I probably shouldn't worry but I like to keep my army selection general rather than opponent specific.

I have also thought of using a very upgraded Sisters or Retributors formation as a BTS; trouble is they really need to get in and engage the enemy rather staying in relative safety.

Any help would be greatly appreciated; my mind is running in circles here.

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