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Ghazgkhull Orks vs Codex Marines 1500 points
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Author:  Abetillo [ Thu Sep 26, 2019 11:54 am ]
Post subject:  Ghazgkhull Orks vs Codex Marines 1500 points

This is a game played just after the previous, on the same place and board, with the same people, rules and 1500 points instead of 1000.


Marines added for this game a bit more of everything with one Assault formation and one of Land Raiders.

1500 POINTS, Codex Astartes (NetEA Tournament Pack 2019)

WHIRLWIND [300] 4 Whirlwinds

LAND RAIDER [325] [BTS] 4 Land Raiders

TACTICAL [275] 6 Tacticals, Rhinos

TACTICAL [275] 6 Tacticals, Rhinos

ASSAULT [175] 4 Assault Units

SCOUT [150] 4 Scouts, Rhinos

On the Ork side the weakness of the previous one and the opponent were taken into account, by making the important formations less frail (BTS and Gunzmob), add an Oddboy and give it more punch in assaults.

1495 POINTS, Ghazgkhull Thraka's War Horde (NetEA Tournament Pack 2015)

BLITZ BRIGADE [235] Flakwagon, 4 Gunwagon, Oddboy (Supa-Zzap)

STORMBOYZ WARHORDE [150] 6 Stormboyz

KULT OF SPEED [200] Warbuggy, 7 Skorcha

BLITZ BRIGADE (BIG) [300] 2 Flakwagon, 6 Gunwagon, Oddboy (Soopagun)

KULT OF SPEED (BIG) [350] [BTS] 2 Warbuggy, 14 Skorcha

MEKBOY GUNZMOB (BIG) [260] 10 Big Gunz, Nobz, Warlord


All terrain remained in the same place as last time and we chose the same side, but we moved slightly the objectives.
Like on the previous, the lack of room did not allow for any big plans towards the deployment, and we did the same as last time, with Scouts and Gunzmob as garrisons on OW, one on the right-side objective and the other stretching from the blitz to deploy all in cover (this time i put the Warlord far away on the back so no templates would hit him).


Turn 1. The Marines go first.

SM: The Whirlwinds sustain to try to repeat their successful act of the last game but only kill one Big Gun unit this time ... ufff.
O: Blitz 2 doubles forward and Scouts activate their Overwatch but deal no damage. Blitz 2 shoots Land Raiders and gets also under the template Tactical 1, but deals also no damage on either of them.
SM: Land Raiders sustain at Blitz 2 and destroy two wagons.

O: Stormboyz double to the ruins in front of them like in the last game. Who knows what they found last time to go again.
SM: Tactical 1 doubles forwards till arriving on the left of the ruins the Stormboyz are guarding and shoot at Blitz for no damage.
O: Blitz advances with the help of the threats of the Warlord and shoots at Tactical 1 at close range, destroying two Rhinos and killing one unit of Tacticals.

SM: Assault march and switch flanks and deploys on the ruins in front of the Whirlwinds.
O: Kult doubles behind Tactical 1 and shoots a crosfire with Blitz, killing two stands and breaking the formation, which retreats to the ruins with the Assault formation.
SM: Tactical 2 fails on activating and with a hold fires on Blitz 2 for no losses. Marines are out of activations.

O: Gunz marshall and shoot at Scouts, destroying one Rhino and removing all the BMs,
O: Kult BTS doubles in front of the Scouts and kills three stands of Tacticals, breaking them.

Everything rallies on the Marine side.
On the Ork side Blitz 2 does not rally.

Turn 2. Marines get the initiative again.

SM: Whirlwinds sustain against Kult and get some Stormboyz under the template too. Two Skorchas go down but there is no losses amongst the Stormboyz.
O: Blitz 2 marshalls, takes all the BMs out and shoots Land Raiders for no losses.
O: Kult BTS retains and engages Tactical 2. Two Skorchas go down for three Rhinos and two Tactical units and the Orks win. Tactical 2 retreat with the rest of the army, behind the Land Raiders.

SM: Asault engages Kult which have support from the Stormboyz and goes onto a second round. On the second round after both sides have lost two units, Marines win the combat and Kult runs for the objective on the opposite side and deploys to prevent the enemy to approach the objective there.
O: Blitz doubles and shoots the Land Raiders for no losses.
SM: Land Raiders sustain on Kult BTS and destroy six Skorchas.

O: Stormboyz engage Assault and annihilate the marines for one Stormboyz.
SM: Tactical 1 marshall and removes all BMS.

And at this point we stopped the game. Would be hard to make a Marine comeback win fast even if breaking several Ork formations would be easy, and i had to take the last train soon so there was no point on playing some more activations.

So, so far we had DtF and TSnP on the Ork side and nothing on the Marine, so it would be a 2-0 victory for the Ork side at that moment, but who knows what would happen, as there was still room for a comeback.


My second game against Marines in a long time and i got a better idea of them. My opponent did not understand well why the game was so different from the previous, but i am of the opinion that objectives aside we were pretty much on a draw: my guess is that apart from not having the good luck the Whirlwinds had in the last game, my Ork list this time was better suited to deal with Codex Marines, and the Tactical 1 doubling so much forwards put things easier for me. On my side i probably was too agressive and that meant that Assault Marines could assault easily as i could maybe save the Kult instead of breaking a marine formation with the other (assaulting the Marines would be a 30-40% probabilities of a win as they would have a lead of 1, and Land Raiders could sustain all the time, even though that also meant that i got TSnP.

I have as a objective for the next time i play at these point ranges devise a better location for the Warlord or play more defensively, and find a Blitz guard that cannot be broken easily or use a mobile formation which can go back when needed.
The maps were also too big for this forum and some of the icons ugly or not much useful. Will have to work on that.

Oh, and the next one will be a big OGBM vs AMTL game at 6000 points.

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