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Ghazgkhull Orks vs Codex Marines 1000 points
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Author:  Abetillo [ Thu Sep 26, 2019 11:17 am ]
Post subject:  Ghazgkhull Orks vs Codex Marines 1000 points


I am currently clearing a backlog of battle reports of my games, for the fun of it. This one is about a quick game at 1000 points between Codex Marines and Ghazghkull Orks that i played last summer (yeah, the backlog is long). This as the previous two against another new group of players, playing as i travel around Europe and around, and got some small improvements on the map system going.


We accorded to not play Minigeddon exactly, but ban also War Engines. The Ork list still has a Flakwagon even after deciding that because of who knows the reason, probably did not care or was half asleep after taking a night train.

1000 POINTS, Codex Astartes (NetEA Tournament Pack 2015)

4 Whirlwinds

6 Tacticals, Rhinos

6 Tacticals, Rhinos

SCOUT [150]
4 Scouts, Rhinos

995 POINTS, Ghazgkhull Thraka's War Horde (NetEA Tournament Pack 2019)

2 Flakwagon, 6 Gunwagon

4 Gunwagon, Oddboy (Soopagun)

6 Stormboyz

5 Big Gunz, Nobz, Warlord, Flakwagon

7 Skorcha, Warbuggy


Not sure on the exact sizes on the play's area, but i think that the terrain is smaller on the maps than on reality and that we played on a 90x60cm and not 120x90cm.

We put some bases on some of the Space MarinesĀ“s buildings to simplify things and played the whole area as ruins/buildings.

On deployment of the armies there was not much room to put people around so we just both placed our Blitz Guard with the cover, and the rest around, with the Marines forwarding a garrison of Scouts on the SM buildings, and the Gunzmob using the Blitz as garrison to deploy a bit further and put all besides the Flakwagon on cover. Both garrison are in Overwatch.


Turn 1. Of course the shiny boys get the initiative.

SM: Tactical 1 doubles into the ruins in front of the Whirwinds.
O: Blitz 2 doubles into the right side of the ruins in front of them and fires on the Scouts to no effect.
SM: Whirwinds sustain with the blessing of the Emprah and break the Gunzmob, by killing Big Guns units and even the Warlod. The Gunzmob chooses to re-deploy slightly on the same ruins.

O: Stormboyz double into the ruins to join the company of Blitz 2.
SM: Tactical 2 doubles in front of the Scouts and shoots Kult for no losses.
O: Blitz BTS double to the right of Tactical 2 and crossfires it with the help of Blitz 2 but deals no damage.

SM: Scouts fail their action test and holds, removing BMs.
O: Kult fail their action test and move with a Hold.

Tactical 2 and Kult remove their BMs

Turn 2. Marines win again the initative, and yeah, from here onward i have no more photos, but fortunately i noticed it at the end of the game and made some sketches.

SM: Tactical 2 engages and intermingles Stormboyz and Kult 2. One Tactical stand is killed for no losses on the Ork side, and the combat becomes a draw. On the second round some Stormboyz get into base to base with Rhinos, one Stomrboyz stand gets killed and Orks win by 4. Tactical 2 breaks and runs for the ruins on the left with Tactical 1.
O: Blitz BTS sustain on the Scouts for one Rhino lost, after saving four hits.
SM: Whirlwinds sustain again with the Emprah's blessing on Blitz 2 and destroy everything besides the Oddboy, which flees to their own Blitz.

O: Kult engages Scouts and one Rhino and one Skorcha are lost, but as the Rhino was the only one in support range of the Blitz BTS they lose that and go to a second round. On the second round the Marines lose one Scout unit for no losses on the Ork side and the Orks win, with the Scouts retreating to the ruins with the rest of their brethren.
SM: Tactical 1 double to the left side of the Stormboyz and shoots for no losses.
O: Stormboyz double to the ruins were the rest of the Marines are.

On the Marines side Tactical 2 regroups but not Scouts who relocate to the ruins were the Stormboyz were in the middle. On the Ork side Blitz 2 regroups but Gunz and Kult stay the same.

Turn 3. Orks seize the flow of the battle, or not ...

O: Stormboyz engages Whirlwinds but bounce back, after each side kills one. Stormboyz retreat to the buildings in the center on the right where the Scouts begun.
SM: Whirlwinds sustain with the reamining 2BPS on Blitz BTS and destroy half the formation. The rest break and retreat to the Gunz right side.
O: Odd double to block the Blitz better from aproaching Marines and shoo Tactical 1 for no losses.

SM: Tactical 2 fail and with a hold join the Tactical 2 in capturing the objective in front of them.
O: Kult fails and with a hold secures the objective on the right side.
SM: Tactical 1 marches and captures the Blitz evading the lone Oddboy.

The game ends with a victory to the Marines (2-1) with Blitz (i think i forgot to put the Oddboy at 15cm of the objective) and Take and Hold, against the Orks Take and Hold.


It was the first time in around ten years since i last played against or with Marines of any kind, so it was interesting, coupled with playing with a completely new group, people and area.
On the results, I was utterly destroyed, more than the numbers show, in part because of bad list choices due to too much shooting plus the worthless Flakwagons, the incredible luck of the Whirlwinds breaking one formation per turn, killing the Warlord on the first turn as it is very useful for Ork basic strategy in my opinion and surviving the Stormboyz' engagement, not calculating well the distance for support to the Scouts and some others. On the Marine side i think it would be not supporting each other, and probably not being more aggressive with Tactical 1 too seeing how few engagement focused formations i had. Luck was more or less balanced: Marines had the Emprah's blessing on the Whirlwinds and on the Scouts, and the Ork side was luckier on engagement resolution's throws.

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