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Skitarii vs Iron Warriors

 Post subject: Skitarii vs Iron Warriors
PostPosted: Thu Jul 04, 2019 6:05 am 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

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It’s a two for one deal today! Report for Iron Warriors and Skitarii.
I took the same ordinatus heavy list as last time, having much fun with all the explosions now, and trying to force myself to finish painting them..
John brought a test list of the Iron Warriors – many proxies, but easy to remember what was what. I’ll leave it to him to give feedback on them. Particularly in turn three, where my memory of last weekend's game gets fuzzy.

AdMech Skitarii
Skitarii Demi Century - 8 Hypaspist, 2 Secutor. in Chimedons. Magos, Hydra [BTS] 500 Sagitarii Demi Century - 5 Sagitarii, 5 Rapiers. Ordinatus Minorus with corvus pod 375
Sagitarii Demi Century - 5 Sagitarii, 5 Gun Servitors. Ordinatus Minorus with corvus pod 350
Ordinatus Majoris – Mars 450
2 Ordinatus Minorus – Plasma Cannons 300
2 Ordinatus Minorus – Laser Blasters 350
4 Crusader Robots 125
Warhound Scout Titan [275] Vulkan, Plasma blastgun 275
Warhound Scout Titan [275] Vulkan, Inferno Gun 275
Total 3000
Iron Warriors
IW Company – 6 CSM, 2 havocs, Warsmith (SC), chaos vindicator [BTS] 385
IW Company – 6 CSM, 2 havocs, Iron Warriors lord, chaos vindicator 340
Armoured Assault Company – 6 chaos vindicators 250
Armoured Assault Company – 6 chaos vindicators 250
IW terminators – 4 terminators, IW lord 275
Chosen – 4 CSM scouts, 2 rhino 145
Obliterator cult – 4 obliterators 350
Dreadnought Assault Pack – 5 dreads, 1 siege dread. In Dreadclaw drop pod 305
4 chaos basilisks 325
3 Hellblades 200
Devastation class cruiser 150
Total 2975

IW objectives were both placed close to my blitz. I had placed one of my own near here to try and crowd him out, but sadly there was enough space for both, so that was really going to dictate where the action took place. Since I was sent away while space action was plotted, I took the chance to duck down to the bar..
Left to right, the IW set up the Lord’s company in the back corner, vindicators behind the hill, vinidis in the mddle, chosen garrison on the objective, Warsmith’s company (BTS) behind hill and basilisk on the blitz behind them.
The skitarii had a fair idea where the spaceship (due turn 2) was going to drop that horrible template, so we set up well away from the objective huddle, but within (hopefully) post-drop running distance. Left to right, Las minorus, inferno warhound at the blitz, Skitarii (BTS) along the backline, Majoris in front of them, screened from teleporters by robots, corvus (servitors), plasma minorus, plasma hound, corvus (rapiers).
IW don’t teleport, and win initiative.
Little fuzzy on the opening shot, but I think it was IW artillery onto the plasma hound. Majoris doubled up to get the angle on the basilisks, and a template onto the IW BTS. One hit on the basilisks to break them, and a bunch of blast markers on the BTS who would marshall them all off later in the turn. On the left of the table the IW company and both units of vindicators marched their way into cover near the objectives, steering clear of the las minorus. Inferno warhound wandered up to drop some fire on the closest vindicators, but no damage.
On the right the plasma warhound moved up to hose down the chosen behind the hill, not enough to break them. IW planes saw the gap in air cover and moved in to break the warhound. Corvus (rapiers) unloaded to finish the job on the IW chosen and break them. Plasma minorus moved up ready for turn two, as did the other corvus. Despite all this bracketing, their AA missed at end of turn (hard to hit on 7s) but did put a bunch of blast markers on them. In the centre, the skitarii went onto overwatch, anticipating the second turn drop.
Everything rallies except the plasma warhound. Ouch.
End turn 1

Start turn 2
Obliterators and termies teleport in on the plasma minorus for zero blast markers.
IW win the initiative again. Obliterators open up on the plasma minorus, then IW retain with the terminators for a cheeky engage. They have the range to charge in such a way that they’re hidden from supporting fire by the minorus, not thrilled about that! Predicably, the minorus go boom, but sadly no chaos casualties from the 2 crits. Termies wisely consolidate into cover.
Majoris decides to shoot before it’s the next target, pivots and drops a whole lot of sonics on the forward unit of vindicators and the IW company behind them. Lots of blast markers, but no significant casualties. On comes the spacecraft, dropping it’s large template on the (still) vacant ruins in front of the skitarii blitz. Pinpoint attack only manages to strip one shield from the corvus in the middle of the table. Dreadclaw comes down near the las minorus and unloads all the dreads. This will hurt.
Dreadnoughts engage the las minorus. Bye-bye.

Skitarii (BTS) responds, moving now the spaceship is done, and sees off the dreads, who fall back to the ruins. The second vindicator unit moves through the rough ground, totally failing to take damage from difficult terrain, and kill two robots, who break and flee up the table. Servitor corvus rolls up the table and unloads for a bunch of largely ineffective shooting at the IW BTS. IW planes fail to come on, but clear blast markers.
Everyone except the broken robots rally.

Turn 3 saw the IW win initiative yet again, and the terminators assault the plasma warhound. The best it could do was take a stand with it. (I’m writing this bit of the report 5 day later, so activation is getting a little off..) IW basilisks drop template action on the servitor corvus, killing enough infantry to break them. They fell forward to the IW baseline, in the hope of a rally for a turn 4 blitz dash. Majoris drops more sonic joy on the congested objective area, breaking one unit of vinidcators, the dreadnoughts, and putting a marker or two on the IW lord’s company. Vindis fall back behind the big hill at the back of the table, dreads to the objective in front of the hill. Inferno titan hoses down the second vindicator squad, who break but remain where they are. On the other side of the table Hellblades come on and strafe the rapier corvus squad, putting some hurt on. IW warsmith’s company move up to claim the objective, and shoot what’s left. Killing all but the corvus, which breaks and flees to the other side of the hill. Obliterators sprint to the other side of the objective, prepping for some fun with the corvus. Skitarii co advance to claim blitz and closest objective, shooting IW lord’s company and falling one blast marker short of breaking them (foreshadowing!).
End of turn: Corvus (servitor) on the IW baseline fail to rally, despite SC reroll. Other corvus also fails to rally. Uh-oh, no blitz run for me. Vinidicators in the terrain rally, IW lord’s company rally, backline vindis and dreads fail.
Both of us get ready for turn 4, when John counts the conditions and suddenly realises he’s won! The error was both of us temporarily forgetting the IW lord’s company was one marker short of breaking, thereby controlling the objective in his half, and contesting the two in mine. So he takes it 2-0 with DTF and TSNP.

New thoughts on the Skitarii list: please include the Hydra stats in the list! I know they’re in the IG list, but it’s only adding one line to the stat sheet, and just makes sense to have it there. With so much mixed armament in the Skitarii and Sagitarii units, not having to go to a completely different list for one vehicle’s stats would be welcome.

I know how this one ends
So bite your tongue if you can't tame it

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 Post subject: Re: Skitarii vs Iron Warriors
PostPosted: Thu Jul 04, 2019 3:12 pm 
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Cool stuff, thanks! I'll see if we can add the hydra stats on there, but I recall I left it off because there wasn't space for it on the sheet.


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