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Gargants v1.02 vs NetEA Black Legion
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Author:  kyussinchains [ Fri Jun 21, 2019 4:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Gargants v1.02 vs NetEA Black Legion

Got a game in last night against MikeT and his black legion,

I ran the same list as before

Gargant - snappa, lobba, gatler, extra armour, warlord - 725
Gargant - lobba, 4x grot missiles - 650
Gargant - lobba, gatler, zzap - 650
Supa stompa - lobba, gatler, zzap, extra armour - 375
Supa stompa - lobba, gatler, zzap - 300
Planes - 150
Planes - 150

mike took something like

Retinue - Obliterator, pact, warlord
Retinue - pact, rhinos
Retinue - pact, rhinos
Terminators - pact
Chosen - pact, rhinos
Chosen - pact, dreadclaws, dreadnought
Havoks - pact
Hell Talons
Death Wheel

This was one of those games where not a great deal went wrong for me, mike managed to kill a supa stompa, damage and break another, and damage a gargant, in return he lost both mechanised retinues, his deathwheel, decimator, terminators and mechanised chosen, however, crucially he spread his objectives far from my own, and his spaceship failing to activate on T2 meant his chosen could drop onto my blitz with relatively little opposition, then his havoks nabbed a T&H objective and all the 'pushing 'arder' in the world wasn't going to get me back in the game

I rolled 3 extra DC for my stompa with extra armour but it didn't fare too well really, it did confuse mike for a moment when he forgot it needed 7 blast markers to break.... but he still broke it....

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