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Easy E's War Over Zephyrus Batreps...
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Author:  Easy E [ Tue Nov 23, 2010 3:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Easy E's War Over Zephyrus Batreps...


Here I am going to document some of my Batreps for the War Over Zephyrus campaign found here: http://z8.invisionfree.com/Airspace/...p?showforum=38

These are not super detailed, as I tend to spend my time playing the game and not as much time recording everything that happens. Hopefully, this will give you a general feel for what happened in the game.

Let me know what you think.

Author:  Easy E [ Tue Nov 23, 2010 3:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Easy E's War Over Zephyrus Batreps...

Chaos vs. Orks

Scenario: Fighter Clash

2 Fightas

3 Locusts

Sadly, I don't remember all the details like so this will be more of a synopsis.

Both groups race in straight ahead at each other. The Orks are at max altitude. The Locusts are stacked with the leader at Alt 8, the second at 7, and the third at 6.

As the two groups approach, the Orks side step towards Locust 1, but the two lead Locusts break away hard. The Third one sneaks in close, and peppers Fighta 2 with Heavy Bolter rounds, causing it to smoke.


This leads to a lot of scrambling around for position. At one point, all planes seem to be in a neat little row, like they are racing. Despite the Locusts successful opening gambit, two of the three planes are far out of position. Locust 3 had to Power Dive away for his life.


Locust 3 managed to evade his pursuers. However, Fighta 1 streaked out of the growing furball and managed to get Locust 1 in his sites. Despite the range, he gleefully hammered down the trigger. His Big Shoota had been taken care of by the Meks, and Locust 1 disintegrated and fell from the sky in a rain of metal.

Seeing his comrade blown from the sky must have sent Locust 2 mad, as he violently spiraled his craft around and went head to head with the heavier ork Fighta. It was a gamble that would leave one of the two pilots dead.


The gods must have been smiling on Locust 2, because he had the initiative. He unloaded everything he had with his Heavy Bolters, and prayed.


It was enough. The Heavy Bolter rounds smashed through the Ork pilots cockpit and killed him instantly. The plane slowly rolled over and dived into the hungry ocean below.

With that, the smoking Fighta 1 decided that discretion was the better part of valor, and bugged out.

Chaos Victory

Author:  Easy E [ Tue Nov 23, 2010 3:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Easy E's War Over Zephyrus Batreps...

Orks vs. Imperial PDF.

I managed to get another game in. This time, I chose to use the Air PDF while my friend stuck with the Orks. Probably a good idea to get the hang of one force before switching to another, but I designed and sculpted them and darn it I wanted to use them!

We decided to try one of the WOZ special missions, and since I had an ork sub model from games of Aquanautica Imperialis, we decided to play the Ocean Recon. We had one modification. We decided that if a counter was revealed, we would roll a d6. On a roll of 6, it would be the Sub. If all the counters were revealed and no 6's were rolled, the last marker revealed would be the sub.

The Imps deployed with 2 Skyhammers with Depth Charges and 4 Sentry Interceptors. This totaled the amount of points the Imps had in the scenario perfectly. The orks were as listed in the scenario. Three Fightas, 1 with rokits. Two fighta-bommas acted as reserves.

We rolled up 6 markers. My opponent placed them cunningly around the board. I was surprised he placed two very close to my deployment zone on opposite sides of the board. When I asked him about this after the game, he said that even if I revealed them early and they were the sub, chances are my planes would be well past the targets and would need to loop back.

I split my forces into two groups, one on each board edge. One Skyhammer supported by 2 Sentrys. The ork fightas started in the middle of their edge.

We started the game, and sure enough, one of the corner markers on my side of the board ended up being the sub.


Like he had planned, my planes had all ready raced past the sub, and would be forced to circle back. In addition, it was in the corner, so flying off the board edge would be a real possibility.

The Ork Fightas and the Sentrys met for a quick head to head furball in the center of the table. Surprisingly, no one got hit or damaged in the melee. A lucky durable roll for a Sentry allowed it to shrug off a rokit/Big Shoota blitz from the lead Ork fighta.


This left my Skyhammer's free to close in on the Sub for a bombing run...


One Depth Charge attack later, Ork sub was reduced to two hits. Things were looking good. It didn't hurt that the Orks couldn't get the proper attack vectors.


Of course, I couldn't seem to get them down right either. My second Skyhammer misjudged his attack run and ended up flying off the board. Woops! That left my last sea/ground attack craft way out of position and depth chargeless! That means, I would have to do it the old fashion way, strafing. To make matters worse, the Ork Fighta-bomba cavalry was on the way...


It was coming down to the wire, and things were getting desperate for me. It was now or never. A lone Sentry and Skyhammer had managed to run the gauntlet of Ork aircraft to the target. A pair of their fellow PDF pilots had been downed, and only a damaged Ork fighta stood in their way. The three planes raced towards each other skimming the wave tops. If this attack failed, the PDF would be forced to disengage in disgrace.


The Ork fighta opened up at close range on the incoming craft. The lead Sentry disintegrated in a hail of heavy slugs. The Skyhammer pilot gritted his teeth as he blasted through the debris cloud of his comrade. The Skyhammer's dual auto-cannons and wing mounted Heavy Bolters opened fire on the surfaced sub. The firepower of the Skyhammer either flew wide, or pinged harmlessly off the subs armored plates.


With that, the order was given to disengage. The PDF planes all scrambled away to the safety of friendly air space. The Ork sub had survived. Two PDF Sentry's had been downed, and one Skyhammer had disengaged early. In exchange, an Ork Fighta had been damaged, and the Sub had also been badly damaged. Clearly, the Orks had gotten the better of the aerial duel.

Orks win!

Author:  madd0ct0r [ Tue Nov 23, 2010 4:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Easy E's War Over Zephyrus Batreps...

these planes look much better painted then in your sculpt plog.

also. AI looks quite intresting.

question is are the orks fighting everybody, or are the pdf fallling to chaos?

Author:  Easy E [ Tue Nov 23, 2010 7:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Easy E's War Over Zephyrus Batreps...

They are Orks, so they are most likely fighting everyone.

The truth is, I sculpted a lot of interesting planes, and I wanted to use them. In the War Over Zephyrus campaign at the Airspace Forum the Orks are making a bid to control Zephyrus, all other factions be darned.

As for painting and sculpting, I learned that a coat of paint can hide a multitude of sins. >:D

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