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Differnt bomb loads

 Post subject: Differnt bomb loads
PostPosted: Sat Oct 06, 2007 9:57 am 
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Well I am still slowly planning out a campaign system for AI in which flights of bombers and fighters are moved about on a strategic map and you only use the FW models when two flights attack each other.

One idea I have had for this is to have different types of bombs that can be carried.  So that if a bomber wing is jumped it might not have enough fuel to reach its intended target and get back again.

so it will have to either give up r go for a second target.  However different targets have different useful bombs.  For example incendiaries used to enlighten imperial citizens to the errors of not joining chaos wont be of much use in destoying a harderned bridge.

the bomb types in the game at the moment are

the standard bombs in AI.

big bombsl
these destroy any target they hit on an x+.  Even though they are a chaos weapon and I am a chaos player I find them over the top.

glide bombs
These weapons have a to hit value based on the planes speed

big bomb mark II
This is the imperial version of the big bomb and it causes 2D3 points of damage (this number can be tweaked).

New ideas

They have two different damage rolls and extra damage abilities depending on if thye are hitting soft targets (civilian building parked planes etc) or hard targets (AFV, bunkers)

All targets under the bomb creep are attackedlike the original target.  For example if you have a 6-0-0 4+ cluster that hits 4 targets then for each target you would roll 6 dice to hit and for each hit you would need a 4+ to damage (am I making sense?)

Or plasma bomb or daemon infused weapon of mass mutation.  Only heavy bombers can carry these.  and they have to be released from alt. 6 or more.  they use the apocolypse blast.  any non building under the template is destroyed any building takes 4D3 damage, no rolls to hit needed.  Possible have low flying aircraft under the template forced to make a pilot test or stall and crash from the shock wave.

So does anyone have any other ideas for bombs, or improvements on what I have already got?

Tyranid air marshal

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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