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Proxy list for various guard regiments
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Author:  Deb [ Mon Jan 13, 2020 5:46 am ]
Post subject:  Proxy list for various guard regiments

I have been working buillding an Elysians Regiment. So I went looking for proxies. Fortunately Vanguard minis contacted me and let me know they will be releasing a new range of Novan regular infantry later in the year, who would make a great proxy for Elysians.

Then I thought I should start looking for proxies for other Imperial guard regiments.
I have found a decent range of 6mm proxies listed below.

Praetorian Guard - these look like british boer war infantry. Irregular Miniatures and Baccus Miniatures have the best proxies I can find.

Atillan rough riders - these look like mongol cavalry. Both Baccus miniatures (prussian hussars) and rapier minis are good proxies.

Mordian Iron Guard - these look like U.S. marines in dress uniform. Onslaught minis house hollister range are perfect for this regiment.

Valhallarn Ice warriors - these look like WW1 and 2 Russian Siberian infantry. Irregular minis GRW6 Siberian infantry are about the only ones I found that look convincing.

Death Korp of Kreig - these are dressed like WW 1 germans in gas masks with heavy coats. VAnguard minis have the best proxies for these. Novan Winter infantry. Also Trolls under the Bridge have a range of Trench Coat infantry that are great for this army.

Tallarn Desert raiders - these look like normal british uniforms with turbans. Vanguard minis has a lovely range of minis for these. Novan Desert minis.

Armageddon steel legion - these soldiers are dressed in what look like Deutsche Fallschirmjäger. Vanguard minis have an excellent range of proxies for these. Novan Nuclear wastes infantry.

Cadians - This regiment has its troops dressed like modern U.S. infantry. Although there are a wide range of manufacturers making modern U.S.A forces infantry in 6mm, the best range I have found that specifically have models made for Epic proxies are Vanguard minis Novan Regulars urban troops

Cadian Jungle fighters regiment - these are havily muscled soldiers in singlets/muscletops, camo pants and head scarfs or caps. Trolls under the Bridge has a range of Jungle fighters that fit this armt well.

Vanguard have their tainted regular infantry which if you are careful to clip the Chaos symbol off the Standard bearers flag poles, they make good troops for annonymous regiments, or for Vraksian renegades.

There are very few regiments that have an infantry proxy made for them. Voystran First Born is about the only one that I could not find - online.

With the range of regiments available, I am sure we can see a good range of guard armies out there on tables.

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