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Vac-Wars! Tiny, Wee Spacemen
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Author:  Jagannath [ Tue Jun 18, 2019 2:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Vac-Wars! Tiny, Wee Spacemen

Heya folks,

I've been meaning to post these over here for a while.

I mostly paint 15mm and I love GZG - I was really inspired by the newer Moongrunt range, but that felt like project to do in 6mm - so a few hours designing and tinkering, a few hours printing and we're well on the way!

My first desings were these wee chaps that I took as an opportunity to test paint schemes on (ignore the basing, that was a test too):



After that I went and reworked them a bit (wanted bigger visors) and added some more poses - here's them in their basecoats (helmets are a mistake, those'll be white):


and here's a washed out photo of the whole force with the red done


Guns and helmets will be white, and the visors *could* be gold, if I can find a good gold for it.

I quite like the idea of tweaking some WW2 rules for these - i imagine EVA suited chaps being pretty 'soft' so I've based them with that in mind - squad level SAW, heavier weapons on separate teams

I have also bought some of the new Citadel contrast paint to try out, but yesterday's quick test was less than stellar - think the detail might be too shallow to really have much an effect.

More to come soon!

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