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W: Various Epic Bitz - Official/Forumware

 Post subject: W: Various Epic Bitz - Official/Forumware
PostPosted: Tue Sep 17, 2019 3:25 am 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

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As with most I imagine I've come to have in my collection a variety of miscellaneous bits and partly incomplete mini's due to lack of certain bits, so I was hoping to see if anyone happen to have the following they would be happy to swap/sell.

Epic 40k 3rd Edition stuff.
1 Track from a Weirdboy Tower
6 Underwing rockets for Fighta Bommers
2 Twin heavy bolters from the wingtips of a Thunderhawk (one for each wing).
1 Leman Russ central hull (Tracks and turret are accounted for, just the central hull piece really needed).
5+ Hydra radars (Maybe? I honestly think the hydra look better without, but if they are going).
1 Malefactor tentacle from the left side (not sure how to clarify, pics?)

Epic 40k Armageddon stuff.
1 Predator Destructor turret.
1 set of Predator heavy bolter sponsons (one left and one right side).
1 Predator lascannon sponson (For the left side).

Forumware Stuff (Unknown creator - look like this.)

2 Twin assault cannon turrets.
6 Assault launchers (the bumpy nobbly things on the front tracks of Crusaders and Redeemers).
1 Set of sponson mounts (Left and right).
1 Sponson twin lascannon (Right side).
2 Sponson flamestorm cannons (Left side).

To swap I can say up front I have a pair of different forumware Land Raiders (heavy bolter turret molded on, two bigger side sponsons) and 10 forumware chaos dreadnoughts. Set of Fighta bommer wings and a Thunderbolt body. Maybe able to find specific stuff if asked, otherwise cash is doable.

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