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W:Eldar Aspects & other; H: E:40k Eldar vehicles & platforms
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Author:  semajnollissor [ Fri Sep 13, 2019 1:19 am ]
Post subject:  W:Eldar Aspects & other; H: E:40k Eldar vehicles & platforms

I have been going through my collection to see how many models I own compared to the models I want to own and I have identified a few gaps.

I know that some of the items I want are available on eBay or on chaosorc, while others can be had from recasters on ebay, and still others are as rare as hen's teeth. All that being said, I figured that I should check here first to see if anyone has some of the original GW parts that they'd be willing to trade or sell.

What I want:

Infantry models:
Metal, Epic Armageddon era (i.e. wishful thinking):
35 dire avengers
35 fire dragons
18 shining spears
exarchs (from Avatar & Court of the Young King blister)

Plastic, E:A or E:40k era:
25 warp spiders
20 howling banshees
25 striking scorpions
35 Rangers

Plastic, E:SM/TL era:
10 guardian 'spotters' (E:SM/TL era)

Metal, Epic Armageddon era:
6 Fire Prisms
any EoVs

Random bits:
Epic 40k era brightlances (from various turrets or heavy weapon platform blister packs)

While I was going through my collection, I also figured out that I have extras of several models. I have plenty of my Space Elf objective structures (bunkers and towers) available and I also have some models that I bought off of eBay that appear to be "less than reputable." I guess I could trade Lego sets as well, but you’ll have to PM me for more details on that.

If you are inclined to trade, here's what I've got:

Guaranteed GW parts:
Metal, E:40k era
24 vypers (12 scatter lasers, 6 shuriken cannons, 6 missile launchers)
63 heavy weapon platforms (21 missile launchers, 18 star cannon, 24 D-cannons)
10 war walkers with scatter laser/D-cannon turrets (I might be able to trade some brightlance/starcannon versions as well)
1 Night Spinner
2 wave serpents
9 falcons with 'command' turrets
some* nightwings (2 with missiles!), pheonix bombers, vampires

Items of my own design:
Metal, Epic: Forumware period
21 heavy weapon platforms (original GW parts, E:40k) with shuriken cannons
Space Elf bunkers (plain, platform, and tower)
Space Elf towers (comm, silo, etc.)
support weapons (3 different types)
and other things

Items of ill-repute:
Metal, Epic: eBay era
assorted eldar vehicles (not forumware)

PM me with your email address if you want photos of want I have available.

I also have several sprues of the gray plastic ruins from the Epic: 40,000 box set, plus a bunch of the black plastic ruin strips that were part of the epic 40k base sprues.
I would be willing to trade those as well.

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