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FS: Remainder of my Epic 40K items
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Author:  napoleon [ Wed Mar 20, 2019 10:05 pm ]
Post subject:  FS: Remainder of my Epic 40K items

I am getting rid of the remainder of my Epic 40K stuff. I would first like to try and sell as one group but I realize that I am asking a lot of money. I am asking $4,000 obo for the whole lot. Second I would consider selling in large lots $500, $1000 increments but no cherry picking. At this stage I am not wanting to sell individual items. I am not going to sell all the imperators, packs, hard to find and be stuck with 300 metal bitz. I can take picks but it is in plastic totes, storage boxes, boxes, etc. Feel free to ask any questions.

I have tried to show if it is a blister pack, box, or just loose. I have not combined all of the same item since they are spread amongst a lot of areas.
The quantity that I have of that item is to the right.

Epic 40K qty

Pack Adeptus Mechanicus Ordinatus Golgotha 2
Pack Adeptus Mechanicus Ordinatus Armageddon 1
Pack Adeptus Mechanicus Ordinatus Mars 2
Pack leman russ tanks 3
pack IG fire support platform 1
pack baneblades 2
pack leman russ demolishers 2
Pack Tyranid dominatrix 1
Pack attack bikes SM 1
pack warlord titan heads variants 1
IG baneblades 2
IG leman russ tanks 8
IG basilisk 9
IG hydra 3
IG chimera types 3
IG flame ? 6
IG hydra 3
IG leman russ tanks 6
IG hellhound old style ? 3
IG griffon 3
IG hellhound 2
IG leman russ tanks 3
IG walkers old 6
IG chimera types 3
IG leman russ tanks 6
IG colossus 1
IG Adeptus Mechanicus Ordinatus Golgotha painted 1
IG Adeptus Mechanicus Ordinatus Armageddon painted 1
IG Adeptus Mechanicus Ordinatus Mars painted 1
IG shadowswords 7
IG baneblades 1
IG chimera types 6
IG gorgon? 2
IG stormhammer? 1
IG stormblades? 3
IG chimera types 5
IG hydra flak 4
IG leman russ tanks 5
IG sprue inf large sprue 2
IG sprue inf smal partial 2
IG griffon ? 3
Ork FW orkesaurus missing 1 small piece 1
Ork 1st ed sprues 13
Ork partial sprues inf 4
Ork battlewagon 1
Ork trikes 5
Ork sprue inf full and partial 14
Ork sprue inf partial and full 9
Ork gun wagon sprue 15
Ork sprue inf 1st ed 2
Ork sprue inf 5
SM land raiders plastic 35
SM rhinos plastic 10
SM knight titans metal 9
SM vindicator or predator? 3
SM old robot looking things 9
SM rhinos metal 9
SM land raiders metal 10
SM inf stands square 15
SM predator or anhilator old ? 10
SM whirlwind metal 3
SM vincator old? 9
SM land raider metal 2
SM dreadnoughts 2
SM tarantula and other old gun 6
SM sprue inf new ed 4
SM land raider plastic sprue 4
SM sprue inf new ed full and partial 18
SM sprue inf 1st ed 1
SM rhinos plastic 10
SM character strips of 5-6 figs metal 13
SM land raider metal 2
SM land speeder types metal 9
SM land speeder types plastic 5
SM knight titans metal 4
SM anhilator or predator newer style 3
SM land raider plastic 3
SM vindicator ? 3
SM rhinos plastic 137
SM land raider plastic 68
SM whirlwinds plastic 29
Chaos land raider metal 1
Chaos rhino metal 4
Chaos land raider metal 1
Tyr Tyranid inf sprue 4
Tyr Tyranid dominatrix loose 1
Tyr sprue inf 2
Squat partial sprues inf 22
Squat sprue inf 1
Squat sprue inf new ed full and partial 15

small bag small terrain and long bases 1
heads and weapons metal 11
large bag terrain, bases 4-6 pounds 1
Imperator titan sprues set 3
knight titans metal 8
rectangular bases 2-4 pound bag 1
knight titans metal 6
terrain sprue large full and partial 3
imperator titan in baggie I believe 2 titans worth 1
warlord titan custom metal 1
warlord titan ? 1
chaos titan? 1
titan ? Metal 2

Space Marines partial game contents no box
Ork sprue inf 1st ed 6
Eldar sprue inf 1st ed 6
SM sprue inf 1st ed 6
SM sprue new ed 4
SM sprue inf, rhino, land raider new and old mix 7
Ork sprue inf long partial 3
SM land raider and rhino plastic sprue 3
SM whirlwind plastic 3
Ork gun wagon sprue 4
terrain sprue large full 3
buildings cardboard and plastic tops misc

imperator titan on sprue set 1
Ork mega gargant on sprue set 3

box chaos horde box with 8 sprue inf inside 1
box squat warriors NIB 5 sprue 1
box Tyranid swarm 5 sprues 1 partial 2
box warlord titan 1
box SM tanks box metal and plastic bitz 1
warlord titan clam shell package 1
box reaver titans 2
box squat warriors 5 sprue 2
box squat warriors 10 sprue 1
box IG 300 inf 1
box IG leman russ company 2

Titan Legion partial game set includes
imperator titan sprues set
partial mega gargant sprue
knight titans plastic sprues

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