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Loads of Epic stuff for sale

 Post subject: Loads of Epic stuff for sale
PostPosted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 3:18 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

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Hello everyone,

Allow my to introduce myself, I used to post on here over 10 years ago as 'Chris' but that account has since lapsed and I needed to get myself a new one. I used to be into Epic and BFG and as the years passed fell out of interest with them and have recently rediscovered a lot of models that I wanted to offer to the community for sale. In terms of feedback I can offer you my eBay ID (corkers123) and say that I have had over 10 years positive feedback trading wrestling related material. I can offer more if needed.

Anyway, onto the list of models for sale. Postage and packaging will be calculated on a per-sale basis and I am happy to post worldwide. I can also arrange collection in Sheffield, UK, and York, UK, if needed.

I am also open to offers on multiple items, or indeed the entire collection. Photos available on request

Space Marines
Complete, mostly unpainted, Space Marine chapter (Intended to be Ultramarines) - £450
Consisting of:
Chapter Master Stand
Terminator company (1x captain, 1x librarian and 20x Terminator stands)
Battle companies x 4 (1x captain, 1x librarian, 12x tactical stands, 4x devestator stands and 4 x assault stands)
Reserve Companies (4x captain, 4x librarian, 40x tactical, 20x assault, 20x devestator stands)
Scout Company (1x captain, 1x liibrarian, 20 x scout stands)
For a total of 221 stands of Space Marine troops (on 40k Era bases)
Vehicles (All 40k era):
12x predators
6x vindicators
1x metal land raider
10x assault bikes (6 unassembled)
5x dreadnoughts (1 unassembled)
10x land speeders
52x plastic land raiders (13 undercoated blue)
1x plastic land raider helios conversion
40x plastic whirlwinds (4 undercoated blue)
20x bike stands (3 on each)
100+x rhinos
3x thunderhawk gunships (1 still in blister)
Can be supplied in storage drawers if needed

Small detachment of Space Marines (Intended to be Blood Angels, all undercoated red, 40k Era plastic models) - £35 SOLD
36x stands of troops (Various, can work out if needed)
5x bike stands (3 on each)
4x land raider
5x whirlwind
13x rhinos

Misc space marines still on sprues and unpainted - £25 SOLD
2x complete 40k Era vehicle sprues
1x 40k era vehicle sprue minus rhinos
1x land raider
10x whirlwind
5x loose bikes
5x Space marine troop sprues minus scouts and terminators
Various character spruces, multiples of each


Unfinsihed army (Intended to be a proxy for Imperial Guard) - £250
3x cyclops, one painted and missing side gun
1x overlord airship
1x mega cannon
2x land train, each with 4x cars
5x gyrocopters
2x collosus (unpainted, stripped)
1 x leviathan (black undercoat)
45x square bases of Squat troops
18x square bases of bikes
10x rhinos
10x loose robots (painted)
17x thudd guns on 2p pieces
19x mole mortats on 2p pieces
16x trikes on 2p pieces
18x long stands of squat troops
10x incomplete Squat sprues with various models on
22x loose bikes

40 x untouched and complete Epic 40k era Imperial Guard sprues with bases - £400

Complete and assembled Imperator titan - £35

2x Deathstrike missile launchers, unpainted - £15 for both

1x Epic Armageddon era Warhound titan, unassembled - £15

2x hellbore tunneler, one without lifting arm - £40 for complete, £35 for incomplete

1x Capitol Imperialis resin copy - Free with any order

1x Fully painted Warlord Titan (40k era, nice paint job) - £35

3x assembled, unpainted Beetleback Titans with extra weapons - £30

15x assorted metal knights (Can work out what these are if needed, all unpainted) - £30 lot

3x Forgeworld Lightning fighters (Assembled and unpainted) - £20

3x blisters of Termite tunnelers - £8 each

6x mole tunnelers (2 fully painted, 3 without lifting arms, 1 in blister) - £10 each


1x Tyranid Harridan in blister (40k Era) - £15

2x boxes of Epic 40k era ruins in various states of assembly - £20

2x bunker scenery pieces - free with any order

If you are interested in any of this please send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

All the best, Chris.

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