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Rare Earth: Conflict

 Post subject: Rare Earth: Conflict
PostPosted: Tue Feb 02, 2021 8:19 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

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I was asked earlier to upload a ruleset that I ended up writing. I also uploaded a section of background I wrote as well. I did a short story that I'll copy paste&paste here as "teaser" of sorts. Since I wrote these stuff in mainly one go, writing is pretty bad. Someone re-wrote this small story for me but I didn't copy it and it was lost with my account (although maybe CS could save it from the database somehow). The world is a fantasy world advanced into ~1960-70s technology.

So the rules are in here:

So below is the teaser and then there is another section with something I wrote about the two armies included in the rulebook. I had a lot more "fantasy" races backgrounds also thought out as bullet points.


Thuanlen looked across the field at the target and relaxed himself. Then he nocked an arrow and raised the long bow while drawing the string back. He aimed the arrow at a target on the field a hundred meters away. After a brief moment he released the string and the arrow shot towards the target hitting it near the bullseye.

- 'Good shot!' said Fuir'daen as she walked next to him looking at the target
- Thanks. The elven long bow is considered the finest of all bows and has been protector of our realm for a long time.
- I have always considered your interest in the thing to be far more than just shooting.
- 'Well the history is another interest of mine. Besides it is similar to you and that sword you are always carrying.' Thuanlen said and pointed to the weapon at her hanging on her belt.
- Well yes. Though I am not that interested in history myself. For me it is also about training the body. Swordfighting is good for that. It has a lot of demands on the body and fitness.
- Perhaps. So do we have deployment orders yet?
- Actually yes. That is why I came to get you. We are supposed to get prepared to move out. They estimate that we leave before night fall. As soon as the Alorien 23rd manages to arrive.
- They are mostly new recruits aren't they?
- The word is that they are coming straight from barracks and have not seen combat yet. I think that is why they picked us to go on this mission, so that once the fighting starts it won't come as shock to all.
- Ok let's get back then. I'll just go get the arrows.

He walked to the target picking the arrows on it and the few around it putting them back to the quiver hanging on his shoulder. Then he headed back to his friend and picked up his assault rifle.

- 'I think it's good to realise where we come from as well. That's why I like to practice with the bow even if it not used anymore.' Thuanlen said
- 'If you say so' said Fuir'daen, looking at her rifle. 'These are somewhat more accurate, with longer range and far deadlier.'


Hegemony of Kushmar

The Hegemony of Kushmar is a group of nations lead by Kushmar. Kushmar is a larger nation which either conquered or threatened to conquer most of the nations of the Hegemony. Some joined the Hegemony willingly. Each nation is controlled in day to day by their own governments, but they are subject to decisions by Kushmar state. The Kushmar is lead by an Emperor Nawaresh III.

The Hegemony as a state is lead by an emperor. The emperor is supported by the council which consists of the heads of military and civil service. The emperors position is not hereditary, but is voted upon by the council. Only those with high rank in military are considered for the emperors position. Emperor holds the position in 20 year terms.

The people of the Hegemony follow strong hierarchy. When a person in Hegemony reaches up to 25 years of age they are expected to choose their career. It is expected that the individual will dedicate much of their daily life to their careers. The chosen career is to last for their entire life, once taken up it normally cannot be changed. Changing of careers is considered extremely shameful and can cause others to shun the person. Getting others to accept the new career is very hard.

While the hierarchy in work is followed strictly, the advancement is done through meritocracy. This allows the more able to reach high faster. Those who are older are treated with varying levels respect depending on how much they have achieved in their life.

Soldiers of the Hegemony follow 'The Way of Warrior'. This explains the mindset of warrior and explains the proper conduct. The way is different from the Rules of War as decreed by World Assembly. For example surrender in combat is not allowed and should enemy do so, they are less than men and also can be treated accordingly. The Way expects full loyalty of warrior to be to the Hegemony, the Emperor and the Council in that order.

Orcs and Goblins
The United Territories of NNNN

The United Clans of NNNN is a group of Orc and Goblin states bound together by the vision of greater global power. Mane of the clan lords who brought their nations into UT wanted to be part of something more powerful, the best nation on the planet. This vision has filtered into the main population who now consider their country to be the best.

The UT has a strong sense of individual freedom. The police is mainly to make sure that mobs are running around and corporations doesn't start pushing individuals too much. Killing isn't always illegal. If two individuals want to fight and that leads to fatality, then it is "too bad". Police will interfere when they consider the situation to be more about oppression than fighting. Challenges are an example how two individuals can easily verify both sides agreement for the combat.

The UT is ruled by democratically elected warlord. Currently Warlord Grondaak holds the position. The Warlord has 5 year terms and a single Warlord can only hold the position for 3 times. In addition there is a house of parliament which serves in 6 year terms. The people of UT believe in strength so electoral candidates are usually not unduly worried about using violence. Deaths of candidates during elections are not uncommon and normally these don't lead to prosecutions. If a candidate cannot protect themselves, the people consider them too weak and that the candidate should have known better than to try.

The parliament is weak compared to warlord. Warlord has a veto power over parliament and can issue executive orders. A warlord could technically bypass the parliament entirely as has happened in past. This though usually leads to their removal by combat challenge so it is not done that much any more. A warlord who doesn't accept challenges for their use of veto would be considered weak.

The Goblins have had harder time within the UT. Originally they were nothing more than slaves for the Orcs as they couldn't match the Orcs in terms of strength nor size. However once hand guns started to be available, this started to change. Originally many of individual territories tried to pass laws prohibiting guns, voting or education from Goblins. There were organisations which tried to promote the view of Goblins as sub Orcs, due to their size and slightly less violent nature. However these soon failed to grow and soon some of organisations were banned and laws relaxed. This allowed the Goblins to be able to defend themselves.

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