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Rampant Galaxies- Rescue Mission
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Author:  Easy E [ Wed Sep 19, 2018 2:13 am ]
Post subject:  Rampant Galaxies- Rescue Mission


The forces of the evil Galactic Empire have deployed their winter weather thunder troopers to the ice world of Thoth. In a lightning strike they managed to take control of the enemies’ anti-aircraft unit and hold the troopers of the native forces as hostages. However, the natives have mobilized to mount a rescue mission.

Rampant Galaxies is a game design for 3mm to 15mm scale games for a different scale of combat. It would work great with any of the Epic and Not-Epic lines, micro-armor, GZG's lines, Spartan's lines, Dropzone Commander models, etc. It is a generic system where you customize simple unit types with the use of Sci-Fi traits to make the units more distinct. It also uses a command point system so the player needs to think about what they are trying to accomplish each turn and provide resources accordingly and give the point of attack the right focus. The Turn sequence is a modified alternating phase activation, with shooting coming before moving, and movement being staggered by unit type. In addition, there is an activation roll to simulate the friction of sci-fi combat so not all units will always perform as intended.


Thundertroopers of the Evil Galactic Empire

3 Terror Trooper Infantry- 18 points
Infantry- Counter-measures, armored, Elite

2 Big Walkers- 16 points
Vehicles- Pursue, Armored, Transport, Walkers

2 Chicken Walkers- 14 Points
Vehicles- Pursue, Walker, Armored

Points= 48

Armored Task Force

2 Infantry- 6 points

2 Tanks- 18 points
Vehicles- Pursue, Armored, Armor Piercing, Tracked

2 APC- 12 points
Vehicles- Pursue, Tracked, Transport

2 IFVs- 14 Points
Vehicles- Pursue, Tracked, Armored

Points= 50 Points

The attacker sets-up the terrain per the guidelines. The defender places one unit in the approximate center of the board. Place a single “NPC” model with the unit. In this case it will be the anti-aircraft unit of the armored company. The defender deploys the rest of their force on any one board edge of their choice with one model touching the edge. The Attackers can deploy on any other board edge touching the edge as well.

The attackers must secure the NPC. They can take the NPC by eliminating the Unit accompanying it with shooting or assault and then moving the NPC into their Zone of Control. The unit with the NPC may not leave the board and if they retreat/rout the NPC is left behind. The NPC can be passed off between enemy units this way many times. The attacker must then try to move the NPC off the board. The game last 8 turns, one hour, or until one side is destroyed/routed. If the attackers have moved the NPC off the board, they win.

I am not using any complications this battle.

Outdoor, Snow world
You are fighting outdoors on a snow world. It is covered in snowdrifts, barren rocks, and frozen ponds. The terrain could be sand, snow, or worse! Moving up and over dunes /hills is considered difficult terrain.

The board had a ridge on one side and a river on the other. The river flowed between two large hills. All hills and the river are rough terrain. In the center of the board is the captured AA unit being escorted by a squad of Thunder Trooper infantry.

On one side comes the planetary defense forces. On the left flank is two APCs with troopers escorted by a tank. The IFVs are next and then another tank is the far flank. The Thundertroopers are the two heavy walkers in the center with troops onboard, while the chicken walkers are on both flanks. The Thunder Troopers are the defenders with the armored column being the attackers.


You can read all about it at the blog: https://bloodandspectacles.blogspot.com ... escue.html

I finally have a good reason to stock up on Vanguard miniature 3mm models!

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