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Scenario & supplement brainstorming thread (Armiger84)

 Post subject: Scenario & supplement brainstorming thread (Armiger84)
PostPosted: Fri May 07, 2021 11:48 pm 
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So yeah, being the scenario & supplement ERC chair, I should probably, you know, actually do something about living up to that role ;)

So here's what I've been thinking about. I like the way the AT18 expansion books present a series of scenarios tied to a particular campaign or theater during the Horus Heresy. For those unfamiliar, each scenario comes with specific, often asymmetric objectives and asymmetric forces, typically. These scenarios come with "historical" forces, but also set point values so you can loosen it up and try it with other armies.

Granted, Titan vs. Titan isn't as potentially dynamic as mixing & matching forces in Epic could be, but there's the fun :)

The other inspiration I'm kicking around with are the scenarios from the old 3rd Edition 40K rulebook, where you had breakthroughs, convoy ambushes, take & hold missions, etc.

What I'd like to do is take a time period from "history" in Warhammer and use it as the narrative frame & inspiration for adapting some scenario type games to Epic. So far, here's the three time periods I'm thinking about, and some of the pros & cons with each. I'd be interested in feedback, seeing if anyone cares or finds one or more of these more interesting:

1) Age of Apostasy - The Reign of Blood (early M36)

Goge Vandire sets himself up as High Lord of both the Administratum and Ecclesiarchy. Primarily an Imperial civil war; Vandire rules for a few decades until he's overthrown by Sebastian Thor (and murdered by the Brides of the Emperor, Vandire's proto-Sororitas). The Fabricator General and several Marine Chapters unite to lead the opposition. Guard, Marines, AdMech & Sororitas would be the primary participants, with the major action being the invasion of Terra by Martian Skitarii, Imperial Fists, Fire Hawks, Soul Drinkers (apocryphal/unverified), and Black Templar. I'd probably use this as the narrative frame for some objectives-based city fight scenarios.

2) Age of Apostasy - The Plague of Unbelief (late M36)

Cardinal Bucharis carves himself out a pocket empire. Also mostly an Imperial civil war, but you get Bucharis, Sehalla, and Gasto more or less running a coup and taking over the Imperium. The Fabricator General and a few Space Marine Chapters set up a rough alliance to oppose it, although Bucharis's progress is largely unchecked until he makes the mistake of besieging Fenris. Guard vs. Guard, Marines, and I could probably cherry-pick a few good exemplars (the siege of Fenris & the forest ambushes on Chiros both for starters).

3) Waaagh! Grax' invasion of Ryza (M41)

Skitarii, Titans, Ultramarines, Black Templar & Imperial Guard vs. Orks. Lots of Orks and all the war engines they can bolt together. Probably a lot of cityfight scenarios on this side as well. It ends in the opening of a warp rift and Chaos invasion, too (see: Space Marine video game), so odds are the Inquisition and Grey Knights could get involved at some point.

Anyway, those are the narrative frames I've been kicking around. Anybody else see anything here and go "ooh" or be willing to potentially sign up to be a guinea pig and test some scenarios once I get rolling on design?

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 Post subject: Re: Scenario & supplement brainstorming thread (Armiger84)
PostPosted: Sat May 08, 2021 2:38 am 
Brood Brother
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Wars of Armageddon was a set of linked missions for epic and BFG Apoc and I were going to do the RL happened to us both. You have the 1st war so Khorne Renegades and Demon World list type stuff mixing it up.
Scenarios being stuff like
Chromas Hold the Line scenario (posted here on his total war book thread still)
Destroy the altars for the blood god (fixed objectives to fight over)
Finally Angron vs GK showdown

Then the eventual conflict between the Space Wolves and Inquisition+GK (mainly BFG).

After that we had orks invading for second war with the scenarios being
breakout: SL on the sulphur river getting overrun by orks piling out of the equitorial jungle
The Manfield's last stand (take out over N amount of enemy points before Titans are finally destroyed)
Something at the siege of Hades
And then cover the descent of angels wrath when the BA showed up and took out the Ork leadership ending the war's organized phase

Happy to help out with any of that if you're interested but don't have the time nor inclination to run it.

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 Post subject: Re: Scenario & supplement brainstorming thread (Armiger84)
PostPosted: Thu Jun 03, 2021 2:50 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother
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I love supplements, this is a great idea. I have an ork army so I would be happy to test out some stuff from the invasion of Ryza and also could take photographs of my orks if needed. Also up for brainstorming scenarios and accompanying text. Let me know if that would be helpful!

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