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Horus Heresy Campaign (NetEA, Epic30k) - Gibraltar

 Post subject: Horus Heresy Campaign (NetEA, Epic30k) - Gibraltar
PostPosted: Thu Mar 08, 2018 9:01 pm 
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- Skip to the end question if you can be arsed to read the bumpf :-D

Hi all,

So I wanted someone I could ask some Qs, also, show the progress of a small campaign I have setup in Gibraltar (small UK territory off the south of Spain).

Firstly, I have been in the hobby for Circa 23 years, predominately W40k, however loved Epic A and BFG, unfortunately was not of wage earning age to fully enjoy as I can now. I have drifted away from W40k over the last few years, and have longed for something 40k/30k esk, without the ridiculous amount I have had to spend in the past, also whilst increasing the size of my games (also sick of the constant 40k rules jumps between editions. This led me initially to 30k (armies quite consistent really), however I invested a lot, but people around could not/would not.

So after searching, I found you guys, re-read the rules from NetEA, then also found the Epic30kAU (absolute gold!).

I have started a group from the gamers we have in Gib, I currently have 10 of the 20 18 legions assigned (until I have at least 14 I won't open AdMech). I have printed off all the rulesets mentioned, bound them into a book, and we are all reading and discussing atm.

We are looking to build the armies together in stages with us playing test games, and I hope by Jan 18 I can kickstart the Campaign (from the FW HH books), fighting from Istavan to the Emperors Gates.

I see this lasting over 18-24 months (based off previous campaigns I have run). I am looking at investing in a Laser Cutter so I can smash out loads of scenery (been looking into, anyone got any suggestions of a model, or a company where you upload your templates would be appreciated). The idea being we have decent sized armies each at the start, but also continuously build as we go along (and the legions sprout off under their new owners).

I am generating a campaign guide, but some points I am building off atm:

- The campaign will focus on planets with battles fought ultimately leading to the 'planet ruler' which will have positive benefits through out and ultimately at pay off at the Gates of Terra.

- I have resourced general information on the Legions strength at the opening of the Heresy, losses on board will reflect in your numbers/armouries throughout. Not sure if this will have an impact on Manpower, but I can see vehicles, flyers and titans being used tactically and not on mass as the campaign nears the end (this injects Risk/Reward, hold back for the finale, or risk all and reap potential gains...)

- Planetary wins will result in reinforcements.

- The campaign will progress as the fluff, however reinforcement/stategy cards (in Dev), will stack some favour in the overall winners. i.e. Imperium could win istavaan (however I doubt it....as they will be outnumbered). Terra will play out so anyone can win, (as I have built so far, I expect a two day battle (actually earth days) over three key points on Terra).

So that is the basis, once we get going and refine the details, I will happily upload the Campaign Guide, possibly with a FAQ as we go through the campaign.

Battle reports are going to be made, and what would be awesome, is if when it comes to terra......I could organise people to fly over for the finale!

We already have SN Battle Reports that does good work on the international tournaments.

Thats really it for now, however I would like to pick the brains of experience here for one question that I can't settle my mind on...

Question- For the initial armies (to play test), I want to organise play tests in the following phases:

1 - Troops, Vehicles.
2 - Troops, Vehicles, Flyers.
3 - Troops, Vehicles, Flyers, Super Heavies.
4 - Troops, Vehicles, Flyers, Super Heavies and Titans.

What I am asking, can someone give me guidance on a list that includes all phases above (but I can just bolt on the 'extras' as a play test cycle finishes. This would be much appreciated and help me get a better understanding of list building.

Many thanks for reading, hope to batrep some play tests soon, and thanks for any assistance in advance!


"By the Blood of Sanguinius!"

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