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Selim's Terrain Log of "found objects"
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Author:  Selim Wormrider [ Thu Dec 10, 2020 9:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Selim's Terrain Log of "found objects"

Wow its been a while since I posted here, Sorry mates! Ive been to enamored with WordPress and Instagram of late its where Ive been posting my crap of late! :P but to get back into my ongoing found objects terrain post!
here is a imperial administratum building I Made out of a plastic pen holder and some used gift cards for the inter windows, and some edges from the old warhammer fantasy build a tray kit, and some some electrical housings bitz form a industrial fire alarm, plasticard and an Aquila from a 40k banner. and some orks for scale :)
Ill try and keep this up and running as I have been self shaming myself for not finishing my way to many epic armies of which i have never seen all my minis at once because there are enough to fill x8 72 quart bins in my Garage , so i have been making a effort to work on more epic :D
see you in the wasteland!

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Author:  uberChris [ Thu Dec 10, 2020 4:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Selim's Terrain Log of "found objects"

Nice work and creativity Selim, it's cool to find everyday items to use in wargaming. Keep up the great work!

Author:  Selim Wormrider [ Thu Dec 10, 2020 6:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Selim's Terrain Log of "found objects"

Thank you uberchris ill do my best to keep this going I have a few projects lined up to do I have a cathedral of found material that I have been documenting the stages of the build. I have been collecting a bunch of fun plastic bits for the last year and i think I Have a fun one Im in the works of designing a Weyland-Yutani corp. forges from Alien 3 that look like dog bowls with smoke coming out! ;) and some other sci-fi themed buildings it will really depend on what I get done first! :D cheers

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