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Author:  raundall [ Sun Sep 13, 2020 9:09 pm ]
Post subject:  EXODITE MAIDEN WORLD 4.3

Here it is!
A new updated version of the Exodites. With much ground work already done by the forerunners of previous Exodite lists and the already existing Eldar lists to compare and make references to it just didn't seem to be that time consuming, a couple of hours perhaps...
Neeh, once I opened up the Exodite box and dove into the codexes written in the past I simply got stuck. Read it all and had a lot of fun doing it. I also found myself reading and inspired by the current Eldar Corsairs and Firlorian thats in this section.
But this is Epic, so I tried to keep fluff down to a minimum, create a playable list thats up to date and making all the units potentially fit into a Supreme Commanders army. This list as the once before is Eldar with some of the special rules that they posses but with some tweaks that make them a little more Tribal and Rough around the edges.

So why did I do this? I just couldn't resist the ferral feel of fielding Dinosaurs in this great 40k universe. We have way to little of them...what do we have an Orkeosaurus and a Squiggoth. Thats just not enough.

It is a tabletop game we are playing and to get that sci-fi / fantasy feel with these models, I imagine will be a real treat.

So for models check out:
The above mentioned will have everything you need to field a mighty Exodite force.

Happy to hear your thougths and read your comments. Playlets it and feedback is more then welcome, I know I will play this a lot from now on to get it tournament ready and any help with that would be awesome.

File comment: Eldar Exodite Maiden World 4.3
Eldar Exodite Maiden World 4.3.pdf [122.4 KiB]
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Author:  raundall [ Fri Sep 25, 2020 3:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: EXODITE MAIDEN WORLD 4.3

So I had my first game with this new list yesterday. I didn't make it to the batrep section due to some unfortunate dice roll and some none tournament worthy tactics. My opponent playing Knight World for the first time but still above novice player level had enough after two activations into the second turn.
But, before, during and after we had a chat about the list and during gameplay I noticed some minor typos / misses in the current 4.3 and I will also make a rule change on the Great Drake in the Exodite Maiden World Individuals section.
So I guess I make changes in pdf and it will become 4.31 after that, but I will write changes right here so you can check them out:
Dragonsinger will have : Call upon the Great Drake, Invulnerable Save, Leader.
Sun Spear Megadon and Thundersaur will have: Walker
The Great Drake rule will be as follows: In the Strategy Phase of turn two or any turn remaining after that, before Teleportation and strategy roll, place the Great Drake within 10 cm of a formation that contains a Dragonsinger character. The Great Drake counts as its own formation and may only enter play in this manner. If the Dragon Singers character that called upon The Great Drake is killed the Great Drake will immediately be removed. The Great Drake may not hold or contest objectives.

Eldar Exodite Maiden World 4.31.pdf [126.53 KiB]
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Author:  raundall [ Mon Sep 28, 2020 10:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: EXODITE MAIDEN WORLD 4.3

The second game went the distance ( see batrep section ).
A hard fought match that didn't let the list play out to its potential.
But I had some takeaways.
As I mentioned before I like how the Eldar Exodites can build multiple different looking lists and the extra 25 pts for AA units actually made a difference in the list I played and put together.
The Thunder Beast can be adjusted ( in the game it survived and soaked up several activations for my opponent).
But, if its in your list The Thunder Beast will be your BTS and a change to it might make it a little harder for opponent to get the "easy" 1-0 or point for BTS.
So maybe try : bump it up to 600 or 625 pts, make it fearless, drop thick rear armor and give both weapons fire arcs.
Tremor cannon could be fixed forward and the Sun cannon could be forward arc.

Author:  raundall [ Sat Oct 17, 2020 10:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: EXODITE MAIDEN WORLD 4.3

Hi, again.
So I have had two games the last couple of weeks. None of them worth putting in the Bat Rep section though.
First game against CHAOS a pretty straight forward list with Deamons, Greater deamons, retinues and Dreadclaws.
My list:
Colossal Carnesaur Pack 650pts
Eldar Knights 3 Bright Stallions 350pts
Dragon Knight Warhost w Dragon King 400pts
Dragon Knight Warhost w Dragonsinger
Great Drake 50pts
Megadon w 2 voidwatchers 250pts
Megadon w 2 voidwatchers 250pts
Wind Knight Warhost (10)w Dragon prince 375pts
Sun Spears Meagadon 200pts
Sun Spears Meagadon 200pts
I wanted to field the Great Dinosaurs and that made me a little short on activations.
Had some real bad dice, FOR example: Dragon Knight warhost with Dragon Singer ( want to try the Great Drake one time) the DS unit the only one that goes into wood for protection have to roll 2 x1 on the dice does it and gone... Have had a couple of these paramount dice rolls the last games ( my feeling at least). Anyways some bad placement of formations and the DREADCLAW w Greater Deamon comes in wipeout my 3 remaining unactivated formations. This is 1st turn and I politely suggest me not taking up another hour or two from my opponent by running around the board getting slaughtered. So that game was a disaster.
The other game was against Iron Warriors with a Siege Titan and heavy on Vindicators and Predators.
My list.
200 6 Raptor OutRiders
250 6 Dragon Warders w Dragon Prince
350 Eldar Knights Bright Stalluons
350 Eldar Knights Towering Destroyers
250 6 Wind Rider Knights w Dragon
250 6 Wind Rider Knights w Dragon
400 8 Dragon Knight w Dragon King
225Megadon Troupe with 1 Void Watcher
225Megadon Troupe with 1 Void Watcher
200 Thundersaur
200 Sunspear Megadon
100 (50x2 )webway portal
I was up for it and feelt that the webways could be a nice twist.
Again with some pivotal dice when you need it and the game went sour almost right away. But I hung in there ready to defend my Maiden World. Could make it a draw if played somewhat right. The summary of dice for the game: T2 I teleport my Wind Knights to threaten my opponents Blitz, yes it could go either way... But, Predators roll up shooting ( of course the Iniative was lost) 6 hits out of 8 possible, me saving 1 out of 6 possible...and thats kinda how the whole game felt ( from my perspective :) ).

Back to the drawing boards, I will go with more activations next time. I feel the need to take a break and play something else for a game ot two. But luckily my opponent then fielded the EXODITE 4.31 army so a bat rep will be following soon.
...any ideas on list building out there, would love to read some.

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