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Fire arc for titans gargants and praetorians
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Author:  HAL9000 [ Fri Jul 15, 2016 2:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Fire arc for titans gargants and praetorians

Can anyone point me to any SM-1st edition or SM 2nd edition rules that specify fire arcs for titans, gargants and praetorians?
I recall having seen drawings and circles for both imperial warlord titans, and for gargants, and even for eldar titans. But I cannot remember which rulebook or what page. I could not find the fire arcs in the NetEPIC gold rules either?
preferably I would like to know where to find fire arcs in both the old SM-1 and SM-2 edition rules, as well as in the new NetEPIC gold rules.
Is there fire arcs specified for eldar titans? Or are they assumed to be just like the fire arcs for the imperial warlord titans?

Thanks in advance for any help

Author:  MagnusIlluminus [ Mon Jul 18, 2016 7:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fire arc for titans gargants and praetorians

SM1 rules not accessible at this time.

rulebook page 20, illustration of Land Raider says "A vehicle or Titan can fire its weapons 180 to the front."

TL rules:
_ RULE BOOK page 26: Imperator Titan fire arcs
_ _ _ page 26: illustration of Ork vehicle says "A vehicle or Battle Titan may fire its weapons 180 to the front."
_ Mega-Gargant datacard shows its fire arcs
_ Imperator Titan datacard shows its fire arcs
Eldar Titans also have 180 front fire arc, same as Imperial Battle Titans. No page reference at the moment, but the rules never specify otherwise, so this is the only reasonable conclusion IMHO.
_ _ page 98: Banelord fire arcs
_ _ "Praetorians" do not exist as such in this edition, but see each specific entry for exceptions to the general rule of 180 front arc. For example, the Squat Cyclops on page 82 specifies that the Hellfury cannon may only fire directly ahead of the model.

NetEpic Gold:
_ Core Rules page 34, chart & picture in left column says Superheavies, Praetorians, & Titans are 180 front.
_ Core Rules page 47, Titans, 2nd paragraph under 'Firing' sub-header specifies (Imperial, Eldar, & Chaos) Titan and Gargant fire arcs.
Praetorians thus are generally 180 front, but see each specific entry for exceptions.

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