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Welcome to EpiComms

 Post subject: Welcome to EpiComms
PostPosted: Thu Feb 13, 2003 1:02 pm 
Swarm Tyrant
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Hi, and welcome to EpiComms, the new forums for the discussion of Epic and NetEpic. These development is a combination of me getting the boards up and running a month ago, and discussion between myself and Tom about how best to bring the Epic community and web sites together. The result is a forum which is accessed and used by three sites.

So, by way of explanation, a few notes:

Registering: I appologise, but you will need to register again. There is no way round this. All I can say is that as this place is contained by people like yourself, any details that you supply will not be sold or used in any way without your consent (beyond the odd notice from me about the sites and forums).

Previous boards: These are here:

NetEpic forums

Feel free to continue threads here, add links to old topics or whatever you like. I dont want discussions to be cut in mid flow.

Colours: Currently, the blue scheme used by epic40k.co.uk is the only one available. However, I am aware that this will not fit in with other sites that you may have arrived from. I am therefore working on additional colour schemes. In the not-to-distant future, you will be able to select the colour scheme that you would like. The one designed for epic40k.com will be called 'NetEpic'. You will be able to do this in your 'Control Panel'. (Note that there is no selection available right now, I will activate this as soon as I can.) The only drawback is that this scheme will only be active while you are logged in. You can stay logged in on a single machine and simply never log out, but there is a risk of someone posting in your name if they have access to your computer.

The current plan for the colours goes like this: I will create the names for the colours. I would recommend that you then select the colour scheme from the site that you use. I will then modify and organise the colour scheme slowly. This will mean that this place may look different every time you visit, but it will be creeping towards a specific scheme and goal.

Comments: These are your boards. They are run for everyones use. If anyone has a comment about how to make them better, or anything in general, please do let me know. Dont just grumble in silence. You can either post on the boards, private message (PM) me or drop me an email. I will do what I can to make this place the best that it can be. I will need your input to do this. Please dont feel that this place is allied to a single site. These boards have become a personal project, I want them to be a success.

Notes on these boards: These boards deal with both Epic (in all its forms) and Battlefleet Gothic. Feel free to post and run around. If you want a new board created for a particular purpose, let me know. I can tpromise to create it right away, but I will find out how useful it would be. there are a number of features here, most of which I will let you find. If you want advice on how to use these forums, either contact me or post in the EpiComms board and somone will help you out.

That is about it for now. I will keep you updated with any developments. Thanks for dropping by and I look forward to meeting you all here.

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