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Formula's to calculate stats from 40k to netepic

 Post subject: Formula's to calculate stats from 40k to netepic
PostPosted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 10:04 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

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Hi this how I calculate stats from 40k to netepic. It is a work in progress to fit it to a d6 and balance it for playablility
I have consolidated it to this post.
Each idea/change works with the other ideas/changes proposed.

I am using a blend of 7th and 8th edition 40k stats.
I am not trying to change any of the core rules.
I have modified 2 PD and cover to work slightly differently.
Weapons, formations, point values and ranges will be changed.

7th had armour values and penetration rolls for each weapon.

I took this idea out as being too complex to use for smaller vehicles.
I do think superheavy tanks should get 2 hits.

Some weapon ranges have been updated in 8th
I am converting them to cm like the current netepic ranges so a 72 inch battlecannon = 75cm range.
Small arms on infantry lasguns etc are being changed to 40k ranges so a 24inch bolter = 25cm range in netepic.
Points values for infantry will be reduced accordingly.

PD range should equal infantry small arms range 25cm.
PD is only for vehicles/walkers/orc squiggoths
PD should be able to be used as normal ranged weapon (should fire in the normal order phase of the unit) if the unit is not in closecombat.
PD should always get to first fire when charged by an enemy.

PD hits on a 5+ and is affected by cover modifier.
Each 2stormbolter,4bolters,2heavybolter,2heavystubba etc = 1PD round up.
Baneblade = 4PD Rhino= 1PD

I hate rolling 2 dice to hit stuff in cover.
So I changed it.
The math works out to the same % but it is much more fluid in play.

All cover is a-1 to hit
(This is accounted for in every other idea/update I am using so you never have to roll 2 dice to hit.)
Medium cover gives a fixed 6 save (the cover was hit)
Heavy cover gives a fixed 5+


RANGE: as close to 40k as possible rounded up to metric
Battlecannon 72inch = 75cm
lascannon 48inch = 50cm
bolters 24 inch = 25cm

SAVE modifiers: based on strength
Str 2-5 save modifier = 0
Str 6-7 save -1
Str 8-9 save -2
Str 10 save -3
Light D save -4
Heavy D save -5
Now in 8th the changed the destroyer weapons to having strength so a volcano cannon a Dweapon in 7th went to either 25str or 30 str depending on which titan.

In 7th they used a destroyer weapon (vehicles) or a heavy destroyer weapon (titans,)
Destroyer weapons auto penetrated armour( not much fun so it was changed for 8th)
I made example a plasma destructor -6 armour save down to a -5 .
Why to give the "game" some balance a 1+ superheavy has no chance to save, that is NOT fun.

In 40k weapons need to roll to wound and no matter how good the weapon is they miss on a 1 = 16.67%
So I gave the 1+ armour save vehicles an equal (16.67%)chance to save and hull points for balance.
This is not such a significant difference as now these D weapons can do more than one hull point a turn.

TITAN weapons
Alot of the original stuff is not listed and will have to be coverted.
8th edition classifies Volcano cannons and others as macro weapons meaning they cannot be fired while moving.
A warlord volcano cannon has a 180cm range and is super nasty. To balance this gun(yes I will use the new range) Macro weapons only get full range if stationary otherwise they get half range 90cm if on advance orders.

Netepic seems to like some weapons better than others

Some weapons like a shadowswords ( Balisticskill 3) volcano cannon hits on 3+ save -4
A Leman Russ BS3 hits on a 5+save -2
Does not make sense so

I took the Balistic skill of imperial guard as the base 3BS hits on 5+
Orks hit on 5+ bs 2

So that means every 2 points of balistic skill over 3 adds one pip to hit rolls

BS 2,3 = 5+
BS 4,5 = 4+
These 2 lines cover 90% of the troops in 40k.

Named characters get another +1
+2 to hit a large building (direct fire)(This is to shoot the building not anyone inside)
+1 to hit a small building (direct fire)
This works with the above cover idea -1 to hit = at worst a 6 (no more 2 dice to hit.)

Is it simple yes but the individual weapons on each model will add the detail you are looking for.

Direct fire weapons with templates (not arty) in 40k are great vrs infantry so I added shooting modifiers to hit infantry depending on the gun. Some weapons will be better to shoot at certain targets
So a Leman Russ battle cannon hits tanks on a 5+ and is +1 to shoot infantry 4+ now. (this is where the detail comes in)

as in the post
The range on a d6 forces you to combine some of these values.
For vehicles/walkers/big beasties
14 armour = 1+
13/12 armour/toughness 9-10 creatures = 2+
11/10 armour toughness 6-8 creatures = 3+

Infantry armour values
I take mesh/flak as base armour and gets no save in this scale.
carapace/light aspect = 6+
Powered armour /stronger aspect etc 5+
Terminator/ork heavy armour/ancient aspect is at least = to armour 10 but that is too strong so drop it one pip
4+ save.

Fixed saves
Roll once take the best save you get. (cover is separate)
Some models have fixed saves in 40K so i am using their exact values in epic
Terminators have a fixed 5+ save so if no save modifier use the 4+ all others 5+

Void shields/power in 7th have armour 12 and act like armour including save modifiers
= 2+ save in netepic
If a Destroyer weapon hits a void shield protected model each hull point of damage drops a void shield.
A volcano cannon could drop 1-2 shields with one hit.


I use this to calculate cc values.
Close combat 2d6
MODIFIERS (All stack, some do not apply to certain models)

Elite/veteran troops/command +1
Orcs +1
Marines +1
Marines vehicles +1
ImpGuard/eldar +0
Tyranids +1
Deamons +1
Khorne +1
Tau/gretchen -1
Special attack +1
1 cc weapon +1 (has to be better than a knife) ( X 2 for superheavy walkers)
Armed with only cc weapons +2 ( X 2 for superheavy walkers)
Force/power cc weapon +2 ( X 2 superheavy walkers)
Two power weapons +2 ( X 2 superheavy walkers )
Bigger than human +2
Two wounds per model +1 (40k stats infantry models only)
Three or more wounds per model +2 (40k stats infantry models only)(More than 6 wounds for one model)
Vehicle sized (rhino) creature +4
Gargantuan creature +8

Dreadnought +1
Heavy dreadnought +2

Knights +4
Light scout titans +8
Scout titans +10
Reaver/slasha/Phantoms +15
Warlords/greatgargant +20
Imperator +30

small guns / arty platforms -2
Small (bike) +0
Rhino/chimera/ +0
Med tank Leman Russ Predator +1
Hvy Tank (landraider) +2
Super hvy tank +6
1+ armour all round +3 ( hard to kill in cc )
1+ frontal armour +1

ccweapon (shotgun/club) +1
large +2
Three or more wounds per model +2
= +5

eldar +0
elite +1
only cc weapons+2
special attack +1
power weapon +2
= +6

marine +1
elite +1
cc weapon +1
power weapon +2
two wounds +1
= +6

Terminator (lightning claws)
marine +1
elite +1
2cc weapon +2
power weapon +2
2 Power weapons +2
two wounds +1
(+9 with lightning claws/+6 with stormhammer)

Orc Nob
Orc +1
2 wounds +1
veteran +1
1 ccweapon +1
= +4

Grazghkull thraka
orc +1
6 wounds +2
vet +1
cc weapon +1
power weapon +2
Big +2
= +9

spacemarine dread with a power fist
marine +1
vet +1
ccweapon +1
dreadnaught +1
power weapon +2

Reaver titan with a powerfist
reaver +15
ccweapon +2
power +4
= +21

marine +1
hvy tank +2
all around armour +3
= +6

As you can see it is very close to the original.
Titans have been buffed a bit.

I am trying to follow the lore.

Some forces will have units removed/changed like beastmen for imperial guards (HERESY) that will be changed over to chaos.
Imperial guard predators should only be for marines etc.

Trolls and minotaurs = chaos ogryns
chaos androids= necrons
Orcs with landraiders No way the freaking marines would go on a crusade for less!!

That's all for now folks

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 Post subject: Re: Formula's to calculate stats from 40k to netepic
PostPosted: Sat Sep 16, 2017 1:31 am 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

Joined: Wed Sep 09, 2015 5:41 pm
Posts: 199
Relic Sicaran Omega Tank Destroyer.pdf [3.92 MiB]
Downloaded 495 times

HH_Sicaran Omega Tank Destroyer (1).pdf [145.82 KiB]
Downloaded 433 times
99560101551_OmegaTankDestroyer01.jpg [ 46.24 KiB | Viewed 2947 times ]

Omega Tank Destroyer
2 Hullpoints
CAF +2 (Med tank +1, Marine +1)
Move 25cm
Armour save 2+
PD 2 25cm 5+ save 0 (4PD if side sponsons are heavy bolters)
Main gun 2 shots 25cm range, save -1 ,4+ to hit
Sustained burn 1 shot 25cm range, save -2 , 4+ to hit, +1 on hull point chart to roll again.
2 lascannon 50cm save -1 hit 4+

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 Post subject: Re: Formula's to calculate stats from 40k to netepic
PostPosted: Sat Sep 16, 2017 3:19 pm 
Brood Brother
Brood Brother

Joined: Wed Sep 09, 2015 5:41 pm
Posts: 199
So Gentlemen what do think of the above ideas?
Does anything seem too far out?

Do you think a Leman Russ etc should have 2 hullpoints or 1 hullpoint as it is now?

Do you agree superheavy tank/knights need a buff?

If the cover system is changed to this would it work for you?

If Point defence is changed to this would it work for you?

Anything else that seems weird?

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