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Suggested Unit-Macharius for Net Epic
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Author:  primarch [ Wed Jan 14, 2015 8:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Suggested Unit-Macharius for Net Epic

Mattman wrote:
Indeed. If we decide to go down a damage point route then I wouldn't expect the Super Heavy Damage Table to stay. And it isn't as if we don't have book keeping already by recording the 2-3 result on the table, void shields and hit points for nids.
Normal tanks and walkers in 40k now have 3 hit points (Leman Russ, Rhino, Land Raiders, Dreadnought ect). With normal things dieing like they do in Epic, it is fair to assume that the strength of the attack/volley is enough to knock out 3 hit points, so dividing their listed HPs by 3 and rounding would be a fair starting point. From the info I have that would give us the following (the numbers are the HPs they have divided by 3):

Leman Russ 1 (3 Hit Points)
Land Raider 1 (4 Hit Points)
Baneblade 3
Banehammer 3
Banesword 3
Doomhammer 3
Hellhammer 3
Shadowsword 3
Stormlord 3
Stormsword 3
Thunderhawk Gunship 3
Lord of Skulls 3
Gargantuan Squiggoth 3 (actually is treated as a non vehicle with 8 wounds)
Stompa 4
Revenant 3
Hierodule 2 (has 6 wounds)
Harridan 3 (has 8 wounds)
Hierophant 3 (has 10 wounds)
Obelisk 2
Tesseract Vault 3
Warhound 3
Skullhamma Battle Fortress 3
Fellblade 4
Typhon 2
Cerberus 2
Spartan 2
Riptide 2 (has 5 wounds)
Knight Paladin 2
Knight Errant 2

These numbers are also very close to what they had in structure points in previous versions of 40k (Stormlord has 3 Structure Points for example). And amusingly the Marauder Bomber is a Super Heavy with 3 structure points which no one has spotted yet ;)

An interesting point I found while reading through Apocalypse is that the Phantom Titan is listed with with 24HPs and the Reaver has 18 that gives you an idea of how much more resilient they are compared to a vehicle.



this looks good. Also, this is no more book keeping than playing tyranids and their wound system. If you can do it with them, you can do it with all.

This is the sort of uniformity that is welcome, keep the variety and flavor, but make things consistent. NetEpic has way to many individual systems in its mechanics.


Author:  MagnusIlluminus [ Wed Jan 14, 2015 8:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Suggested Unit-Macharius for Net Epic

Agreed, this looks good and consistency is always desirable, to me anyway.

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