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TSE2 Battle report.
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Author:  Blindhorizon [ Fri Nov 16, 2012 9:35 am ]
Post subject:  TSE2 Battle report.

TSE2 is the breakthrough game. You play 3 platoons of 4 tanks each, defending against an enemy of 5 platoons of 4 tanks each. The defending players tanks are far superior in EW and firepower. Your objective is to stop as many enemies as possible from exiting the table edge. When 5 turns is up you add up victory points to see who wins.

I played the aggressor and my friend played the defender. Now knowing i was at a disadvantage i made all of my units on the sides and back OEW 6 and DEW 0, with the unit right in the middle that would be soaking the majority of the damage OEW 0 and DEW6. I had won the initiative, so i charged a unit forward with OEW 6 and destyroyed 2 vehicles from one of his platoons.

He responded in kind and managed to damage 2 units from the platoon that charged forward.

I moved another OEW 6 formaton up and destroyed another 2 vehicles from another platoon.

He either missed or bounced all his shots in return.

By this time i fully felt i had him on the ropes I changed the parameters of the mission and decided i wanted to destroy the defending formations. I moved up all my formations and proceeded to pound him into submission at point blank range. After the first turn i had 2 damaged vehicles, 1 imobilized, and 1 destroyed. He had left, 1 damaged, 1 imobilized before the first turn was over. He surrendered. To say his dice rolling was horrific is an understatement. My strategy was to smash through the lines and escape off the board. His mistake was coming out into the open to meet me head on rather then snipe me from cover picking me to pieces.

All in all i had a great time playing, my buddy was sulking a little but i know he wants to give it another go and show me a thing or two. Perhaps next time he will plan a proper strategy rather then depending on his superior tech to win.

Author:  Kealios [ Thu Nov 29, 2012 11:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TSE2 Battle report.

Nice. We played TE2 and I, the aggressor, got absolutely owned. Had fun, but it really hammered home to us that the game needs a few more passes from the streamlining pen before we can commit to it fully.

Glad you took it to him and got the victory!

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