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Dystopian Legions?
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Author:  Borka [ Sun Apr 14, 2013 12:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Dystopian Legions?

Hi fellows!

So has anyone tried or seen this game played? I'm really digging the whole dystopian world theme. I really like the land models, but at first didn't like the original rules.

After reading through Armored Clash and Dystopian legions rulebooks I thought that they seem kind of ok on a first glance. Probably quite nice for a quick evening game. Not to complex and fast played.
I like small scale games and AC would be the natural choice I guess, but I find the scale to be to small. I'm a sucker for infantry, I want to have them as actual model. The AC infantry tokens put me a bit off on the game.

After seeing the first DL troops though I just loved what I saw! The minis are gorgeous and (in lack of a 6-10 mm version in between AC/DL) I've started entertaining the idea of buying a Prussian starter set. Which is kind of cool, because I haven't wanted to play any 28mm game for several years.

I know they're kind of new but wanted to ask if anyone around here has tried or seen DL played? Impressions? Fun or waste of time?


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