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Review: Mad Dogs with Guns- Osprey Publishing
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Author:  Easy E [ Thu Sep 14, 2017 2:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Review: Mad Dogs with Guns- Osprey Publishing

Review: Mad Dogs with Guns- Osprey Publishing


It feels like it has been ages since I have written a review. The last one was what…. Chosen Men? Pikeman’sLament? Pulp Alley? I honestly can not recall. Instead my attention has been focused on other goals. You may recall that the summer is a pretty busy time for me professionally so getting the time to read and write this review was a treat.

That brings us to today’s offering. I am not 100% sure, but I think this game has been around longer than Osprey would have you believe. I find reference to a purchasable PDF version in the past also called Mad Dogs With Guns about the same period and genre. It may have even been released in a Soldiers and Strategy magazine. However, I have not been diligent enough to confirm this.

Osprey seems to have used a similar pattern with HorizonWars. First, it was a successful self-published set of PDFs before being picked up/licensed to Osprey to publish. If this is true, it is a shrewd move by Osprey and could give those aspiring game designers out there a solid avenue to expand. I hope that is their model.

Mad Dogs With Guns is a campaign skirmish game focused around gangsters in the 20’s. This has been an interesting period to me for gaming even though I have few miniature or models for it. It appeals due to a small number of models, campaign potential, and the “Rule of Cool”. In addition, gangster activity was typically not in the city but in rural parts of the US so any terrain will do including desert canyons, forests, or even river mouths/beaches. However, there is something appealing about the city boards used for gangster games. When it comes to Gangster games you are looking for colorful characters, bullets everywhere, corruption, tommy guns, cars, and dolls.

Does Mad Dog With Guns deliver the goods?

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